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Manhattan Fire Damage

Manhattan is known for it’s hot weather in the summer time, aside from that, the fact that the city that never sleep, is so busy, may sometimes cause fire hazards. But not only the hot weather can cause fire, but even more so, the cold weather, when heaters are on and smokers smokes indoor.

As Manhattan is so dense, the likelihood of a fire occurring goes up. On 2018 alone, FDNY fire suppression total call volume was 619,378!

Fire damage may harm property and belonging but it is also very dangerous for the households and there are precautions needs to be taken to avoid fire at all costs.

5 Tips On How To prevent Fire
  1. Electric appliances– make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, use the original power cord and always double check the power points.
  2. Cooking– always keep an eye on any pan or pot on the stove or oven, we easily get destructed, make sure you never leave any hot stove or oven unattended.
  3. Heating– Portable heaters tends to burn what’s around them if it is not located far enough from rugs, curtains and other fabrics that tend to get burn easily. Make sure you keep distance from any material that can get burned.
  4. Smoking Indoor– Smoking indoor is one of the most common causes of fire, a cigarette can be easily forgotten in the ashtray without being put out completely, in other cases a smoker falls asleep while smoking and the cigarette still burning. Making sure you smoke in a non flammable area will dramatically decrees the fire caused by smoking.
  5. Candles – No need for much explanations here- never leave a candle unattended and try to never burn candles near flammable fabrics.
Fire Damage Restoration Manhattan, NYC

If you had a fire damage at your house or office or even in your building, take all the precautions measures you can possibly take, get out of the property immediately and stay out while calling 911. Yell “Fire!” use afire escape and never use the elevator.

After the NYFD comes in and takes care of the situation, you want call the fire damage restoration company so they can start restoring the damage ASAP and get the property back to a livable situation. The fire damage restoration company will not only restore the damage but also deal with the insurance company claim and bill them directly so you will pay $0 out of pocket.

We offer 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration services and a 30 minutes response in Manhattan, NY and surrounding areas such as Brooklyn, NY, Queens, NY, Bronx, NY and Long Island, NY.

Our team is highly experienced, fully licensed and insured and every job we do is guaranteed.

With over 20 years of experience, we are the BEST Manhattan restoration company.

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