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Water Damage Restoration Service In Manhattan, NY

Out of all NYC’s 5 boroughs, with over 1.63 million residences, Manhattan is the most densely populated one.

Cause of the cold weather in Manhattan, residence tend to suffer from water damage in the New York winter, the temperature can get really low and so there are many cases of frozen pipes that burst if it is not maintained right. 

Burst frozen pipes is only one way to get a water damage but in the NY winter it is fairly common.

Water Damage Common Reasons

There are many reasons why water damage occur, some of the most common ones are:

  1. Burst or broken pipes – this can cause water leak as well as leak issues in the future. It is highly important that you maintain your pipes right and on time to avoid any bad situation of water damage caused by it. 
  2. Bad weather – unlike your pipes, you cannot maintain or control the weather, but what you can do is make sure your roof and home or business foundations are well treated and maintained so that no rain storm can caught you off guard.
  3. Sewer backup – in this case of sewage, drain and gutter, it depend on the property and structure- some houses, offices or buildings are very old and their drainage and gutter system is old, which makes it tough to maintain and even more challenging when mother nature strike.
  4. Appliance malfunction – many appliances can cause water damage and get damaged as well, appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher & washer- the water can quickly ruin your appliances and of course your home.
What to do when you find water damage:

If you find water damage in your home or office space, it is crucial that you take the next steps to keep your belongings, any left, and your health.

  1. Detect the reason for the flood– once you discover it and make sure you have stopped the water from coming in and leaking, you can call the water damage restoration company, explain the damage and the cause and book an appointment for them to come in, give you a free estimate and possibly cleanup the damage and restore your property.
  2. Save any of your belongings – it depends on when you discovered the water damage, if you found it fairly fast, it is likely that you’d be able to salvage most of your belonging from being damaged.
  3. Wait for the water damage company to arrive– once the water damage professionals are arriving and performing a check, they can give you a professional advise and a free estimate. You can then decide if you would like to go ahead with the process and have them get started right at that moment. They will take care of all the hassles and deal with the insurance company and the claim for you!

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